Call 911

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So hello. I’m still in dental pain land. I didn’t know it was supposed to hurt this much and I had no idea it was supposed to stay this long, but yeah. So I did some lame research on what the strenuous activity meant when the doctors warned me not to do anything strenuous, and it turns out even carrying a laptop is part of it. In two days it’s going to be a week and tomorrow I’ll be visiting the dentist. I also get these nasty headaches. Wish me luck.

Don’t Be Fooled

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So here we are ladies and gentlemen with a quick post about gadgets. Since I am your friendly wanderer who does all sorts of things from film to music, I might as well share something. If you’re a Mac user, you don’t necessarily have to get the latest model of whatever it is they have. You have to find out what it is you need, and match the specs of your gadget in accordance to its capabilities. When say for example, you are into video editing, you have every reason to get the latest MacbookPro version. I’ve seen this happen several times over, when a person buys the latest item on the market just because it is new.

I myself have almost subscribed to this thinking until I read an article somewhere that as a musician who programs music on the laptop, I don’t really have to get a MacbookPro, but instead just upgrade my RAM – which I had my friend do, and yes it got faster, and no I did not have to shell out too much unlike a give or take a thousand dollars for an upgrade to a 15 inch MacbookPro. Same goes for the iPhone, it is not the universal solution to all the problems out there. It is a pretty useful gadget, but don’t expect it to function like a desktop.

Elephant Face

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So its been what, 2 days since I had the dental extraction of 2 of my impacted third molars, and I look like I’ve been beaten up by mad mastodons on the left cheek. The only part I like about this is the ice cream diet. The rest of it is crystallized bullshit. It may be hard and easier to clean but its still gross as hell. I am in so much pain right now. Its close to the time I lost my dog Charlie, except the pain is on my left cheek not my feet.

Paging the tooth fairy

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I filled up my ipod with some Cocteau Twins today so that when I get to the dentist and slowly doze off from the anesthesia, it’ll be a trip. For the entire time the extraction was happening I had it on, hardly was there any pain. But now that I’m here typing this, I could only cry like a little girl. I want my MOM.

Signs that will make you wonder how the world is now

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Funny signs. I know most of you have seen funny signs around when you walk to work or go elsewhere but never get the chance to take photos of it; or don’t think it’s funny enough.

Well, here are some of the funniest I’ve gathered that just really, really cracked me up. Since I’m taking the next couple of days off from work having a dental extraction and getting a dose of tear-jerking pain, I am going to make myself feel better browsing thru this again. I shall start now before I go completely off-tangent with what I have to say.

Going around Hong Kong and China, I’ve seen the funniest if not the most ridiculous signs yet, but I forgot where I had stored them. Doesn’t that suck. Anyway here are some from that I find particularly funny. Enjoy, everyone!

Full of beans, eh?

I freak out when I see hair that’s not attached to the head. Does that make me interesting?

I am never going to get myself anywhere near this product.

I don’t know how to put it but this… all of these things in here give me a priceless brand of joy. Its not to make fun or anything, but if you really take it to consideration, you won’t be able to contain yourself and just.. burst into laughter. And hey, its not like it only happens on that side of the world. There was one sign in Manila I did see in particular, and it was a furniture depot that said, “Furnitures Sale”. Eeep.


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So today I went to a rehearsal of a 50-piece orchestra and a couple of bands trying to fuse classical and contemporary music.

I was right. Not as entertaining as some claim it to be.

I’m sure there’s the word reinvention that they’d slap my face with like a rubber chicken is to a brick wall, but I just like my Beethoven the way it is.

On the way to the auditorium, I stepped on a cockroach. I screamed like a little girl. A little girl saw me and laughed.

Now twisting this anecdote, it would be me seeing a gigantic cockroach stepping on a little girl and me laughing. THAT LITTLE BRAT.

What Hell Probably Feels Like

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Being a fan of world news, I’ve read horrible stories in the past but nothing seems to be as disturbing as that of Josef Fritzl’s.

If you hadn’t heard, its this Austrian who took his daughter Elisabeth captive in the basement of his home, and fathered her 7 children, one of which died shortly after birth that he allegedly had burnt.

Apparently the story hasn’t grown to its full potential yet, as he kept 3 of the 6 remaining children underground with Elisabeth, while him and his real wife (Elisabeth’s mother) kept the other 3 living a normal life, which they had adopted legally and given a pretty great excuse to cover up the mess.

All the details really got me troubled and bothered. I haven’t heard of anything as sick and perverted as this one. Reports say that the five year old child that had been kept underground with his mother said that he was in complete awe having to ride a car for the first time in his life.

I wish this family extra luck and I hope that old geezer dies a complicated death.