Featured Band of the Week: Radiohead [Pilot Post]

Now, who isn’t a fan of Radiohead here? That sounded wrong, so let me rephrase it: Who here was never a Radiohead fan at one point in their lives? I cannot recall anyone I know who might answer this question otherwise. That is of course, by making it a point to not acknowledge that person’s existence. Radiohead are worth my 20 bucks of respect.

There is a reason why I put them here today, and it’s the reason why other bands are going to make it to this blog. This is in particular, bands that I have heard so far, and perhaps, a more detailed why – it’s that simple.

Now, it’ll be a little too redundant if I start putting down extra information on the group – because I’ve met hardcore fans who’ll probably shove their CD collection in my face after hearing what I have to say about their favorite band with a little less than the average superlative they so deserve. So let me just take you to which home it is I’m driving my point at. At a recent poll of 200 entries on TIME Magazine, the group placed number 46 as one of their list of 100 Most Influential People.

This has got almost everything to do with their bold “freeconomics” move — which entitled the customers to purchase their latest album, “In Rainbows” for any price. Although 1/3 of the customers chose to get it for free, the group still made millions, even having deviated from the marketing leg of a record label that eats up what the artist truly owns. Now everyone is trying out the experiment the band had started, I just don’t know if they’ll all survive this laboratory exercise in particular.

Really, if you’ve got everything, there’s absolutely no reason for you to start putting a price on what you make, especially when you understand the fact that you’re doing something that’s priceless. We all know its commercial suicide – well, I guess not for these guys.

~ by eltentwelve on May 21, 2008.

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