Top 5 Guitars and Why

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at the stage wherein top 5 lists have become truly useful. Based on experience and research thru friends and acquaintances, these guitars seem to be one of just about every guitarist’s choices. I have tried to also include its affordability and accessibility, that way if you ever feel like taking this list seriously, you’d know what to get. So without further adieu, here’s the list of my Top 5 Guitars. And guess what, the ranking is finally given a chance because this post is according to user reviews.

On #5 Gibson Les Paul Melodymaker. It was first launched in 1959 and then discontinued in 1971. got Dog Ear p90 pickups, and its tone is just right. The wiring configuration is simple and comes with a single coil for pickups. What makes this go to the bottom of the list I guess is that it can only do one sound, and if you’re after variety this might not be the one for you. But clearly, for starters, because of its retail price of $379, it sits on its throne with a well-owned spot.

On #4 is our sturdy friendly Fender Stratocaster. Now what makes our buddy stay where he is, is for the thin twang it’s got compared to a Telecaster, and versatile single coil pick ups and is very easy to fix. In 1954, the first Strat was ever made, designed by three people that eventually became the staple name for anything that looked and had the features of the real Stratocaster, regardless of the manufacturer. Hendrix, Lennon and Clapton are only three of the many users or this guitar.

Third up, is the PRS McCarty. The designs are mouth-slobbering good, its mid tone is one’s fattest yet, and its production is quite limited. If you want something that’ll definitely set you apart, go ahead get yourself one. But then again, the cost rings up until your neck, so if you’re about to start playing guitar, this is clearly NOT the one for you, unless you feel like a Carlos Santana. Then again, he’s decades over his being a beginner.

On 2nd Place, is the Fender Telecaster. The bright cutting tone is what most guitarists seem to like in this one, and its smooth neck for playing. In 1940s, the first Tele was developed by Leo Fender. Its got a natural chorus to it and is good for rhythm guitars. Some say it sounds good only with the string gauge below.11. In my opinion, it could’ve made the top, but we also want something that’s not everyone’s guitar.

Last but not the least is the Fender Jazzmaster. It is a little high maintenance, but its tone and ergonomically apt design makes it a great companion for those who play while standing up. Reasons why I like this in particular is because its tone is almost like a piano and Marquee Moon being what it is, is icing on the cake. Although you see it just heightens up my vote. Some of the most sought-after bands have been Jazzmaster aficionados, name it, from Thom Yorke, Mike E and so with Kevin Shields to name a few, they make you think this guitar’s the right one for you.


~ by eltentwelve on May 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Top 5 Guitars and Why”

  1. A fair list – but I would have placed the Les Paul Standard at the top for it’s full bodied sound and versatility.

    Guitars are so subjective – I would have added in place of the Jazzmaster (although not at #1) the Rickenbacker 330 for it’s originality too…

    I do think you need to go apples to apples and if you are to stick with solid body guitars:

    My top 5 (for those which I have had the luxury to play:

    5. Rickenbacker 303
    4. Gibson SG
    3. Fender Strat
    2. Fender Tele
    1. Gibson Les Paul Standard

  2. thanks procrasto, youre right. guitars are indeed subjective. nice list and thanks for dropping by. cheers!

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