5 Recommended Juciest Places to Do it

Warning: This topic will enrich your life in certain aspects, and should not be read or remembered if you are planning to leave your current partner. This will make her love you more, so no to that.

Who wants to do the same deed over and over again? Same thing for a month? Aside from knowing the best positions possible in this planet that yields to gravity, you should also know the juciest places to do your love deed dood!
1. Sauna – Have you tried going inside the sauna at your everyday gym? How do you feel inside? It’s a place where it is not quiet but you hear every drop of water. A place where a slight contact of anything completely changes the mood. Heat. Get it?

Imagine you and your partner inside a foggy wet room, with only skimpy towels on that will come off with a slight touch. That’ll scorch. Insert imagination here, just please, don’t pass out.
2. Beach – Not just a beach but a kind of beach, but the marooned ones. If it is a memorable sex you want to have. Nothing beats getting the chance to execute your new moves in a hot sandy beach where there is the risk and fear of others seeing it. Not good if you are conscious about other people but, I am guessing the sun setting and that happening makes it close to perfect. Make sure you wash up the sand before enjoying the entire night together with wine. Or hurt.
3. Office – Kinky, yes? Risky, yes yes? Make sure that you know where those security cameras are. The all access key narrows it down, really. You can pretty much tell who could’ve tried to come in while you were. While the boss is away, the cat can play. Just be sure that the mouse, is in their right place or get ready to rat yourself out. One recommended place in the office to have sex is, your bosses room. It would have a sofa with a nice comfy carpet for your finale. Make sure to make it spic and span before retiring for the night or be the retiree for being a bigger idiot.
4. Plane – Haven’t done this but, you know… the lavatory. We’ve had sandy places, wet and foggy places and risky places. How about that place up up in the sky? The lavatory is small and that makes it more conducive for it! Use what that goddamn imagination was built for. How to leave the lavatory without people noticing that there were more than two heads in it makes it tricky, but exciting.
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5. Space – Human beings are just the type of living things that cannot be satisfied completely. They want more. If the one above is my dream, then this would be my ultimate dream. In space! Just thinking of it shoots me up to the moon. No gravity, unlimited moves and floating mess? The last one might not make you hot but, the first two would be enough reasons to and make a kama sutra album with the photo of the amazing space in the back drop! Studies show that only four sex positions were found possible without any mechanical assistance like those special elastic belts, inflatable tunnels and the like.

It might make your mind run off and day dream but, those are just the 5 best places on earth to do it. Another piece of information for you: Missionary position is impossible in space. Will you be excited to try out these places?

~ by eltentwelve on May 15, 2008.

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