Don’t Be Fooled

So here we are ladies and gentlemen with a quick post about gadgets. Since I am your friendly wanderer who does all sorts of things from film to music, I might as well share something. If you’re a Mac user, you don’t necessarily have to get the latest model of whatever it is they have. You have to find out what it is you need, and match the specs of your gadget in accordance to its capabilities. When say for example, you are into video editing, you have every reason to get the latest MacbookPro version. I’ve seen this happen several times over, when a person buys the latest item on the market just because it is new.

I myself have almost subscribed to this thinking until I read an article somewhere that as a musician who programs music on the laptop, I don’t really have to get a MacbookPro, but instead just upgrade my RAM – which I had my friend do, and yes it got faster, and no I did not have to shell out too much unlike a give or take a thousand dollars for an upgrade to a 15 inch MacbookPro. Same goes for the iPhone, it is not the universal solution to all the problems out there. It is a pretty useful gadget, but don’t expect it to function like a desktop.

~ by eltentwelve on May 9, 2008.

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