Signs that will make you wonder how the world is now

Funny signs. I know most of you have seen funny signs around when you walk to work or go elsewhere but never get the chance to take photos of it; or don’t think it’s funny enough.

Well, here are some of the funniest I’ve gathered that just really, really cracked me up. Since I’m taking the next couple of days off from work having a dental extraction and getting a dose of tear-jerking pain, I am going to make myself feel better browsing thru this again. I shall start now before I go completely off-tangent with what I have to say.

Going around Hong Kong and China, I’ve seen the funniest if not the most ridiculous signs yet, but I forgot where I had stored them. Doesn’t that suck. Anyway here are some from that I find particularly funny. Enjoy, everyone!

Full of beans, eh?

I freak out when I see hair that’s not attached to the head. Does that make me interesting?

I am never going to get myself anywhere near this product.

I don’t know how to put it but this… all of these things in here give me a priceless brand of joy. Its not to make fun or anything, but if you really take it to consideration, you won’t be able to contain yourself and just.. burst into laughter. And hey, its not like it only happens on that side of the world. There was one sign in Manila I did see in particular, and it was a furniture depot that said, “Furnitures Sale”. Eeep.

~ by eltentwelve on May 7, 2008.

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