What Hell Probably Feels Like

Being a fan of world news, I’ve read horrible stories in the past but nothing seems to be as disturbing as that of Josef Fritzl’s.

If you hadn’t heard, its this Austrian who took his daughter Elisabeth captive in the basement of his home, and fathered her 7 children, one of which died shortly after birth that he allegedly had burnt.

Apparently the story hasn’t grown to its full potential yet, as he kept 3 of the 6 remaining children underground with Elisabeth, while him and his real wife (Elisabeth’s mother) kept the other 3 living a normal life, which they had adopted legally and given a pretty great excuse to cover up the mess.

All the details really got me troubled and bothered. I haven’t heard of anything as sick and perverted as this one. Reports say that the five year old child that had been kept underground with his mother said that he was in complete awe having to ride a car for the first time in his life.

I wish this family extra luck and I hope that old geezer dies a complicated death.

~ by eltentwelve on April 30, 2008.

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