My Top 5 Funny Films of All-time

So I’m trying to gravitate towards the lighter side of things. Work is producing more and more backlogs, thanks to the concept of fate and a little of procrastination.

I need a good, hearty laugh. Nothing seems to be funny as of late and I don’t know about you, but I liked Will Ferrell’s stuff so much more in the past. I guess I’m not a fan of his hairy chest as the time that he didn’t have to take his shirt of to be exceptionally funny. Much respect to the guy, though. I just needed to remind myself of the films that I thought made me laugh the hardest. Say Molly Shannon and conversation is over.

Again because I am a non-committal man, I am not going to rank my choices. You should know this by now. Here they are, boys and girls.

Spaceballs – A parody film with a mix of Star Wars meets Star Trek and many more. This is my favorite amongst all the other Mel Brooks films. He stars in this film that he also co-wrote, and really, the references are the wittiest by far. Considering that Lucas has approved the script himself and got involved in putting together the visual special effects drives my point home. I’ve got two words for you: Dark Helmet!

Superstar – directed by Bruce Mc Culloch who joined Mark McKinney both from the comedy group Kids in the Hall back in the 80’s. The film stars Molly Shannon along with a younger Will Ferrell who kept his shirt on. I will digress a bit and perhaps say that this movie is on top of my list. I am deeply into tree-hugging, srsly.

A Night at the Roxbury is another SNL product, which stars Chris Kattan and Will Ferrel. Personally, I am still trying to figure out how to make the inside like the outside. The film also stars Molly Shannon as Ferrell’s love interest. The film soundtrack is nothing but absolute genius.

Amazon Women on the Moon – a hefty amount of parody springing from late night 50’s and 60’s television written by Michael Barrie and Jim Mulholland. This film put me to the rightful place, and that is the couch with lots and lots of booze. The film is amazingly written and executed very, very well.

Pink Panther – now of course this is going to be tricky. I was going to put a list of 5 but the whole Peter Sellers series at any rate can take over the list, but then we need some variety, not to say that the films aren’t in any way varied. Go ahead and knock over vases and enjoy the Pink Panther series.

Personally, there’s so much more, but I figured that most of the lists that are off the top of people’s heads make a statement: its the ones that stick, and they’re the ones that hold the real title to funny, if it is funny we’re after. The quality of comedy these days aren’t bad because I personally believe that anything funny is funny, it’s probably just the lists we have to tweak a bit. Now if a comedy makes you miserable and gives you tears, you’ve must’ve missed the part where it says Horror in the genre.

Care to share yours? Comment boxxit!

~ by eltentwelve on April 23, 2008.

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