What’s The Saddest Song Ever?

I was browsing through the answers channel and I saw a question: What is the saddest song ever? Now that got me to think as to what I believed to be the saddest song I’ve ever heard. When I say “ever heard” that means that the selection spans a whole gamut of musical genres, so I had to think really hard.

To give me an idea I checked the answers that had been given….

The top answer in Yahoo is One Last Cry by Brian McKnight. One Last Cry is a love song about a man who saw his love with someone else so he says he’s down to his one last cry before he ends the relationship.

I can swear by The Blue Nile’s Wish Me Well. As Paul Buchanan explains, “I suppose that song is about a couple splitting up; and one or both speaking sense but not wanting it to be true and knowing it is.” The likes of Phil Collins, Ricki Lee Jones and Annie Lennox to name a few are fans of this band. I can swear my life to their music. It is indeed, life changing.

Members of Answerbag.com claim it to be Hurt by Johnny Cash. This is about a man who has lost his way and who has changed into somebody else in the process of living life.

Yes, I could just describe the stories of the song but the combination of the lyrics, the story and the melody contribute to the sadness of the song. I will leave it up to you to google it, maybe except for the song I chose to be the saddest.

In an online competition site, Ibeatyou.com, this question was asked as well and the top saddest song is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley but following close behind is Eric Clapton’s Tears from Heaven. I’d go for Hallelujah because I dig Buckley despite his tragic death I would rather call a freak accident. He is one amazing artist and I still — up to present — have not found anyone who could write songs nor sing like him. That is probably why he is dead. Justified Posthumous Fame.

So far we have One Last Cry, a love song, Little Fall of Rain, another love song, Hurt, a song about life, and Tears in Heaven, a song about loss. There is no doubt that there a million sad songs out there and for every person the saddest song is different.

Normally, what we choose to be the saddest song is the one that we can most relate to. Your choice maybe a reflection of the saddest moment of your life but it doesn’t really matter. Everybody has a story to tell on the toughest time in their lives. Its pretty hard to explain, but then again, its something we already know, much like an open secret.

To me it is most definitely Let it Be Love by Craig Armstrong feat. Steven Lindsay. I heard this song from Craig Armstrong’s As If To Nothing CD and I literally stopped working. DO find the time to get this song. It is tricky. It is so sad you sometimes wish you never heard it. This was all I could find though, there are two songs in this one. The second song is also of Craig Armstrong’s works with Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraizer.

So, what’s the saddest song YOU’VE ever heard?

~ by eltentwelve on April 16, 2008.

19 Responses to “What’s The Saddest Song Ever?”

  1. Dress Rehearsal Rag by Leonard Cohen

  2. the saddest song ever is gloomy sunday

  3. Saddest song I’ve ever heard:

    God Give me Strength – Elvis Costello
    “Maybe I was washed out like a lip-print on his shirt…”

    he’s a genius in making you feel more miserable than you already are…

    Good song choices! except for one last cry… ugh.

  4. hi ven, thanks for the comment. i agree, the one last cry wasn’t mine, it was yahoo answer’s. i refused to agree, too.

    not that i do now. LOL

  5. thanks mrtessster, i gave the song a listen, which makes me think perhaps i shouldve made a list of ten.

  6. and i’ll say it again, i shouldve made a list of ten haha@ nikola

  7. miss you nights…by cliff richard/art garfunkel, real tear jerker!! How about Don mcclain’s “the grave” very very sad.

  8. Tim Buckley – Song to the Siren
    Andrea Bocelli – Time to say goodbye (sung in italian which makes makes you weep, then you read the translation and really feel it pierce).

  9. right people you obvistly havnt herd:

    concrete angel- martina mcbride

    my skin- natalie merchant


    hello- lionel richie

    there so sad

  10. You guys need to hear the Sarah McLachlan version of Gloomy Sunday. Gloomy Sunday is also known as The Hungarian Sucide Song, I know this because I am Hungarian.

    Here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjWMtQcNJXI

    Another very sad song is called Hello by Evanescense

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih61MJ72v1Y

    Send feedback on these songs to: Eclipse2564@gmail.com

  11. […] down the saddest songs ever and it also reflects Cash’s song as one of the saddest song too: Whats The Saddest Song Ever? ElTenTwelve To see my point of how sad is Cash’s, Hurt; here’s the video: YouTube – Johnny Cash […]

  12. I think What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts is one of the saddest songs.

  13. “the girl” by city and coulor.

    It’s sort of happy-sad, but it just makes me cry

  14. brick ben folds

  15. hey! great topic. personally i’d have to say the saddest song of all time is “and so it goes” by billy joel…its beautiful. check out my break down of the saddest songs of all time at http://www.saddestsongs.com

  16. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy.
    You mentioned how the saddest songs are the ones you can relate to, and this is one that many would be able to relate to.
    Imogen Heap’s version of Hallelujah is haunting, cool and saddening – it had a phenomenal effect when played on The OC at Marissa’s death.
    Hometown Glory by new artist Adele has a rather reminiscient feel to it – it certainly brings me to to tears at the right moment thinking about times and people gone by.
    I think the saddest song I’ve heard recently is I Ain’t Scared of Lightning by Tom Mcrae, but Damien Rice is the king of sad songs, and if you’re looking for something heartbreakingly sentimental, any of his songs will do – but in particular I would reccomend ‘The Blower’s Daughter’, ‘Nine Crimes’, ‘Elephant’ and ‘Cannonball’.

  17. Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. enough said.

  18. Congratulations by Blue October. Saddest song ever

  19. Depeche Mode’s Blasphemous Rumors is pretty rough!

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