My Top 5 Filmmakers of all-time

I have taken the backseat in terms of films and other areas of art and entertainment for some time, but I thought of making one of my top 5 lists of favorite filmmakers now. Although the list isn’t as fresh as the ones I’ve made in the field of music, there is a reason why I put these people on the front row.

I will come up with the more underrated if not new or fresh filmmakers as we go along, but in the meantime do enjoy my unranked, top 5 favorite filmmakers of all time. Apart from this is their excellence in their choices of music scoring as well as their impeccable taste in style and art.

First up is Jean Luc Godard, a French and Swiss filmmaker – his technique is a something that is worth every second watching, although I have been introduced to him quite a bit late by some filmmaker friends, I could say for the ever so lately fan of his would definitely appreciate something like Nouvelle Vague. His knowledge in ethnology made him cover such topics that included a film called Le Chinoise as well.

Alfred Hitchcock, who can forget the man behind the gut wrenching hitchcock series. Apart from the list of films that he has created, the talk on his approach in terms of how he handles his actors is the one that amuses me. He has been said to have this dislike for actors in general, but apparently all this had been proven wrong, as stated in his Sight and Sound interview, he seems to know more about acting that most actors.

Stanley Kubrick, the man behind The Killing and Spartacus among others, remains one of my favorites, second to the craft of course, what made him play an important role in my life as a music afficionado was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony involved in the scoring of the A Clockwork Orange – one of my favorite films of all time. I just simply cannot put 1 name on this list of five. His colorful life and his rather slow production speed has increased many people to have a certain affinity to him. That which true art takes time to create.

Woody Allen – now who doesn’t know Woody Allen. No, not for his frivolous personal life, but for his works of course. He has won 3 Academy Awards and been nominated a total of 21 times. I have one word for you: Manhattan.

Orson Welles – the man behind the greatest film ever made – Citizen Kane. His brilliance outshone any other director in particular. Critical appreciation for this man has massively grown as the years went by for his colourful life and all other superlatives in terms of work put together. To cause paranoia and panic amongst the people via radio broadcast of H.G Wells’ The War of The Worlds was only but a beginning for him.

~ by eltentwelve on April 12, 2008.

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