5 Things to Remember about Music Videos

I’ve seen a million videos out there that can make up for an artist’s trainwreck of a song. But don’t take my word for it, it is a make or break sitch. Some could’ve really made it without the video – that making one ended up ruining their careers permanently, in my eyes and eventually, my ears. I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar to this.

Of course the music is all that should matter and so image shouldn’t always be given emphasis.


A major proponent to market music needs a good video, too. Think of the plus that it can do to propel your music to more people, and avoid the minus that usually stems out from the things I’m going to mention in just a bit. When I say image, I did not mean being like everyone else and/or wearing eyeliner. I meant knowing what WORKS for you and knowing what will make others believe in the music you make. Now if you really think that dark eyeliner suits you, man go ahead. No, DON’T. STOP IT. PWEESE?

I am speaking for the well-funded artists that somehow think they’re invincible enough to blaze thru stardom and become favorites by doing it all, when the most of the (tiny but trickily) important things are forgotten. Here are some of them:

He’s the one singing, yes. So he naturally has to be in the video. But if the guy can’t act, then hire someone else to do it for the love of god.

Change the storyline if you really have to have the guy on the video. I have seen several idiots singing to their songs who could’ve done better minus all that jazz.

If you are making a dated video, do tight research. Some people just think they can get away with it. Looking like a fool, hell yeah. Worse, some people don’t even know the joke’s on them. Execute the former and it will surely catapult you to Timeless.

On second thought, execute the latter and you will become a classic much sooner than you think. Just remember, you have competitors ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Simple vs. Complex – whichever one you can pull off, do it. Just deliver the message you want for the people to get. But lay off crying in the shower, curled up like a ball… of pretension.

There are other options! Animation is one example, HIRING other actors to do one’s supposed part, is another example. Also, having a band shot/artist singing will never be old. It is a music video and at best, an artist should be seen singing or playing their instruments more than cuddling with the cute model acting lead that’s twice the vocalist’s real height. So I have just been invited randomly on myspace to join a Myspace Music page. The song was not bad at all. Really. The girl was in her lingerie, too! But she messed up on Number 1.

~ by eltentwelve on April 10, 2008.

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