5 (Unadulterated) Bands To Listen To

I feel sort of obliged to cover issues that aren’t exactly of mainstream access, but are worth the try. Always in reference to my previous posts (I am starting to notice this eltentwelve trend), I refer to some of the more obvious things that most of us would like at first sight, and others that deem to be understood before any sort of affinity is developed. A balance of what could be already out there, but hasn’t reached further ears, music wise and non-music-wise.

I have given up on performing (this soon), but I have not given up on checking out new /old new bands from cyberspace. Yes, this is what takes up most of my time. Sometimes they are the reason why I fail to finish work on time, and sometimes the reason why I’m able to last the day at work.

I have a problem with authority. And so with hierarchy. And so my lists will never have any kind of ranking to it. Perhaps if I am paid to do it (which is not likely to happen), or if I really feel strongly about something, that I would have to use the dreaded numbers. And in this mixed content, the ranking would be taxing. What are the limits and what are we basing our opinions on? What sounds good, period.On to today’s list:

Steven Lindsay – a former member of The Big Dish, now a solo artist that has garnered a number of rave reviews. From Glasgow, Scotland, Steven Lindsay claims to never have aspired to become a singer until 2004, where his album Exit Music won over a cult following. Originally a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, his music draws images and ties together nostalgic music that is reminiscent of a piano-driven version of The Blue Nile meets Dead Can Dance.

Up dharma Down– 4-piece band that combines electronic music, neo-soul, ambient and rock. They have been featured in the July 07 issue of Time Magazine Asia, and have been labelled by BBC Radio DJ Mark Coles as the Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America. Yes, they’re from Asia. Nobody has been able to name what kind of music this is and perhaps that is quite the point. If that’s not enough to pimp the quartet, I don’t know what is.

Halloween Alaska – come all the way from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A Paddy McAloon comes to mind as the guy sings, but the elements of electronic music defy a missing identity at best. Their soft and minimalist sound carries over as simplistic but succinct poetry hits the nail on the head.

The Postmarks
– for a group to sprout out of Miami Florida these indie music champs, The Postmarks definitely have something to be proud of. They are closely affiliated with the likes of Andy Chase, who produced Tahiti 80 and Brookville among others. The beautiful captive voice of lead singer Tim Yehezkely successfully puts the aims to the correct place- on a positive note, that is. Their song, Winter Spring Summer Fall is a personal favorite. Search for it and find out why.

– Post-rock instrumental band, some call their type of music, Math Rock. I have found these guys to be too entertaining to pass up. They’ve opened for Envy, The Mercury Program, The Album Leaf and Pele to name a few.What to expect from Toe: song structures that are diversely encompassing, melodies that need you to be a contemplative loner to enjoy. Every when does that happen? Press play and watch the counter heat up.

I know my previous post hasn’t been as informative or helpful as this one I trust, but do trust me. You might like even just one of them. Let me know if you do. Here are some of the links to their myspace sites and other sonic sources. Enjoy yourselves, people.

~ by eltentwelve on April 3, 2008.

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