My Top 5 Internet Sites

Projects have been really slow these days.

I have been slowing myself down these days.

Why the hell am I becoming so internet-dependent? In relation to my previous post, I had stated that one of the signs your life in the real is about to fall apart, is when you actually refer to the internet as your phone, tv and bestfriend. I had forgotten to state one of the more important things in a man’s life with regard to computers and the web. Women.

But we’re into the all-ages-friendly sites. The rest of the stints online are starting to get old in my opinion, that I put in some of the newer sites I’ve stumbled upon on this list. The others in here are in my opinion, timeless.

I get lonely. Very lonely – to the point that chewing on someone’s nails had once been considered as an option to help ease the sadness. But issues of sanitation start to creep up so I digress. I am but a neat freak with a strange mind.
In no particular order, here are the sites that somewhat entertain me when I get mental pictures of primates attacking my workspace due to idleness:

* Youtube (whoever hasn’t heard of this must be punished) – this site has replaced television for me. No need for Tivo, guys. Missed an interview or show on tv? If you learn the art of locating power users (who have EVERYTHING from A to Z), you will find something shinier than gold. I’d like to think that Youtube has proven to be one of man’s greatest inventions next to the wheel. And sliced bread.

* – I am entertained by Jessica Alba singing to a male voice of a not-so-okay band. Most people call me crazy. Not true. I only happen to have an ecclectic sense of taste. For you egotists, this is the place to be. You can attract attention by doing what you love best: competing with other co-egotists. I like to see them make fun of themselves LOL!

* – A blog put up by an HIV-Positive Australian who claims to have been swindled by his ex-lover from Manila. An alleged $70,000 had been taken from him. Now with the use of this blog, he craftily divulges some of Manila’s dirtiest scenesters, and promises to do so until he gets his loot back. He gets only a couple of thousand emails per day.

* – just for pure fun.

• – I believe this is where Satan takes charge. To take all our money. Nonetheless we still end up keying in numbers printed on that goddamn four-cornered plastic. I am now amazed at how I was able to effortlessly mention Satan and God in one sentence.

So there you have it, the 5 things that have kept me on my feet as of 2 weeks ago. I’m sure there’s more to crop up, but in the meantime let us exhaustively drain out the entertainment from these 5 for now.

~ by eltentwelve on April 1, 2008.

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  1. Thanks for share!

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