Signs Virtuality Has Taken Over Your Life

Spring Break. This is the part where people go out to have fun. The past year, I went to San Onofre with some friends and had a blast. The year before that, I went to San Onofre and had a bigger blast. 3 years ago, I was at San Onofre and enjoyed myself greatly –so we see the decline of satisfaction, yes?

I just realized that I’m not 80 years old to enjoy tranquility that much. My nerve endings are still intact and therefore staying in when I should be out having fun should never sound right.

SO I went to a club. I did? In other words, I sold my soul to the devil. But minutes into it, I had forgotten what it was like to go out and interact with people. The absence of Google in real time makes me wet my pants when I hear something I don’t understand. My life has changed greatly in terms of interaction with my friends, the way I worked, even the way I spoke — I sometimes LOL on people unknowingly.

My social skills weren’t as bad. Now, I fear people who are computer illiterate like Superman is to Kryptonite, because I see no future with communicating or relating to them. In the car, most of us have the i-pods on, that nobody made time to talk. Back then, the hilarity of singing to one horrible tune was still possible.

So how do you know if you’ve lost real time to the virtual world?

* You find an ecosystem inside your mailbox (where real snail mail are sent)
* You refer to your laptop as a phone, television, and best friend
* You feel bad when your colleague forgets to send back virtual beer
* You actually eat dinner via webcam and think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that
* It says “Sleeping” on your IM status when you ARE sleeping at night
* The Mall has shrunk to the size of a 13-inch screen, located across your desk

Sites here and there seem to be popping out of nowhere. I found a list of what, a million sites that have similar features, though some seem to stand out greatly. This one I saw called gets you to compete with your friends and get ratings from posts and videos — which I think is going to be a new culture around the internet in the nick of time. If Marie Digby made it big by uploading a song on YouTube, I bet American Idol will be washed out by a brooding competition accessible to more people with just a touch of a button.

I don’t see that as a problem, I even think that it is an advantage that we are ahead in this world since typewriters were last used. Perhaps control is the key. I’m sure there is no going back to stone age and things are much easier dealt with, by the help of the internet and these gadgets. But there is still time to fix some minor issues. With that in mind, Im four days away to re-do ing my spring break mishap by going up to San Onofre with more friends, with only one note on the email I sent out: no electronic devices.

~ by eltentwelve on March 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Signs Virtuality Has Taken Over Your Life”

  1. tell me … what youll do .. when she loves the TV more than she loves you.

  2. Fair enough, I choose my laptop over her any day. LOL

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