There is Ink

I don’t know what to expect but let’s see how far this goes. I’ll start with today. I’m going to try not to share too much specifics, so bear with me. I do hope you enjoy your stay here, though.

I woke up pretty late today with some stuff in my inbox. I haven’t even had enough time to do anything and went straight to work. Interestingly, the mundane, as always did not bore me. I don’t know –it seems that the hyperactivity around me drains me out.

I’m gonna go out for a walk with a buddy, see how things are going. His girl left him for another guy whom we all know can’t be half better than my friend over here. I’m convincing him to let it all go, but the guy is stubborn. I recently pulled some strings to get him to work at a production house to keep things together somehow.

And all we need is to move one inch to secure tomorrow’s safety in this wild world.

Anyway I leave now, there is lesser work to be done tomorrow, I suppose since I’ve done more than half today.

~ by eltentwelve on March 11, 2008.

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