Featured Band of the Week: Radiohead [Pilot Post]

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Now, who isn’t a fan of Radiohead here? That sounded wrong, so let me rephrase it: Who here was never a Radiohead fan at one point in their lives? I cannot recall anyone I know who might answer this question otherwise. That is of course, by making it a point to not acknowledge that person’s existence. Radiohead are worth my 20 bucks of respect.

There is a reason why I put them here today, and it’s the reason why other bands are going to make it to this blog. This is in particular, bands that I have heard so far, and perhaps, a more detailed why – it’s that simple.

Now, it’ll be a little too redundant if I start putting down extra information on the group – because I’ve met hardcore fans who’ll probably shove their CD collection in my face after hearing what I have to say about their favorite band with a little less than the average superlative they so deserve. So let me just take you to which home it is I’m driving my point at. At a recent poll of 200 entries on TIME Magazine, the group placed number 46 as one of their list of 100 Most Influential People.

This has got almost everything to do with their bold “freeconomics” move — which entitled the customers to purchase their latest album, “In Rainbows” for any price. Although 1/3 of the customers chose to get it for free, the group still made millions, even having deviated from the marketing leg of a record label that eats up what the artist truly owns. Now everyone is trying out the experiment the band had started, I just don’t know if they’ll all survive this laboratory exercise in particular.

Really, if you’ve got everything, there’s absolutely no reason for you to start putting a price on what you make, especially when you understand the fact that you’re doing something that’s priceless. We all know its commercial suicide – well, I guess not for these guys.

Top 5 Guitars and Why

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at the stage wherein top 5 lists have become truly useful. Based on experience and research thru friends and acquaintances, these guitars seem to be one of just about every guitarist’s choices. I have tried to also include its affordability and accessibility, that way if you ever feel like taking this list seriously, you’d know what to get. So without further adieu, here’s the list of my Top 5 Guitars. And guess what, the ranking is finally given a chance because this post is according to user reviews.

On #5 Gibson Les Paul Melodymaker. It was first launched in 1959 and then discontinued in 1971. got Dog Ear p90 pickups, and its tone is just right. The wiring configuration is simple and comes with a single coil for pickups. What makes this go to the bottom of the list I guess is that it can only do one sound, and if you’re after variety this might not be the one for you. But clearly, for starters, because of its retail price of $379, it sits on its throne with a well-owned spot.

On #4 is our sturdy friendly Fender Stratocaster. Now what makes our buddy stay where he is, is for the thin twang it’s got compared to a Telecaster, and versatile single coil pick ups and is very easy to fix. In 1954, the first Strat was ever made, designed by three people that eventually became the staple name for anything that looked and had the features of the real Stratocaster, regardless of the manufacturer. Hendrix, Lennon and Clapton are only three of the many users or this guitar.

Third up, is the PRS McCarty. The designs are mouth-slobbering good, its mid tone is one’s fattest yet, and its production is quite limited. If you want something that’ll definitely set you apart, go ahead get yourself one. But then again, the cost rings up until your neck, so if you’re about to start playing guitar, this is clearly NOT the one for you, unless you feel like a Carlos Santana. Then again, he’s decades over his being a beginner.

On 2nd Place, is the Fender Telecaster. The bright cutting tone is what most guitarists seem to like in this one, and its smooth neck for playing. In 1940s, the first Tele was developed by Leo Fender. Its got a natural chorus to it and is good for rhythm guitars. Some say it sounds good only with the string gauge below.11. In my opinion, it could’ve made the top, but we also want something that’s not everyone’s guitar.

Last but not the least is the Fender Jazzmaster. It is a little high maintenance, but its tone and ergonomically apt design makes it a great companion for those who play while standing up. Reasons why I like this in particular is because its tone is almost like a piano and Marquee Moon being what it is, is icing on the cake. Although you see it just heightens up my vote. Some of the most sought-after bands have been Jazzmaster aficionados, name it, from Thom Yorke, Mike E and so with Kevin Shields to name a few, they make you think this guitar’s the right one for you.

What Happened Here?

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I don’t know if it’s just me, or do other people notice it too – but the quality of music these days in my opinion have dried up. When I say this, I mean mainstream music, and the standards of the consumers themselves. Turn on the radio and the telly, and you will find some junk—if not, you can very well substitute your trash bin for these two pointless objects. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I’m pretty grossed out with what I’ve seen and heard so far.

This is where I’ve built a strong relationship with the internetz. Though the content may be tricky, the best can be found here just by browsing through a couple of sites. Jumping from one blog to the other can make you come home with a handful of great new and old music and movies.

There was a point in time where all the songs on the radio and television were considered top-notch quality, and those who were popular were indeed good and became popular because of how good they were, al right. By this, I mean the content, lyrics and structure itself. I’m ranting like a brat today because I had to stay and wait for a friend with only the radio on for a good 2 hours. What I had heard completely blew my mind, in a way that I didn’t want it to piece itself back again or I’d have to mentally absorb zero quality content.

Life without the internet would be a mess.

Back in Shape

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So now I’m back in shape I can start working again. Yeah I still get dizzy — fine I’m a wuss for not having that much tolerance for pain, but what can I do? What can we do?

My cousins are here for the week and I was instructed to take care of their needs. But I need sleep. Yeah okay I whine 24/7 but that’s precisely what this blog is for, anyway.

I’m on a trip though. Aztec Camera on loop.

5 Recommended Juciest Places to Do it

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Warning: This topic will enrich your life in certain aspects, and should not be read or remembered if you are planning to leave your current partner. This will make her love you more, so no to that.

Who wants to do the same deed over and over again? Same thing for a month? Aside from knowing the best positions possible in this planet that yields to gravity, you should also know the juciest places to do your love deed dood!
1. Sauna – Have you tried going inside the sauna at your everyday gym? How do you feel inside? It’s a place where it is not quiet but you hear every drop of water. A place where a slight contact of anything completely changes the mood. Heat. Get it?

Imagine you and your partner inside a foggy wet room, with only skimpy towels on that will come off with a slight touch. That’ll scorch. Insert imagination here, just please, don’t pass out.
2. Beach – Not just a beach but a kind of beach, but the marooned ones. If it is a memorable sex you want to have. Nothing beats getting the chance to execute your new moves in a hot sandy beach where there is the risk and fear of others seeing it. Not good if you are conscious about other people but, I am guessing the sun setting and that happening makes it close to perfect. Make sure you wash up the sand before enjoying the entire night together with wine. Or hurt.
3. Office – Kinky, yes? Risky, yes yes? Make sure that you know where those security cameras are. The all access key narrows it down, really. You can pretty much tell who could’ve tried to come in while you were. While the boss is away, the cat can play. Just be sure that the mouse, is in their right place or get ready to rat yourself out. One recommended place in the office to have sex is, your bosses room. It would have a sofa with a nice comfy carpet for your finale. Make sure to make it spic and span before retiring for the night or be the retiree for being a bigger idiot.
4. Plane – Haven’t done this but, you know… the lavatory. We’ve had sandy places, wet and foggy places and risky places. How about that place up up in the sky? The lavatory is small and that makes it more conducive for it! Use what that goddamn imagination was built for. How to leave the lavatory without people noticing that there were more than two heads in it makes it tricky, but exciting.
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5. Space – Human beings are just the type of living things that cannot be satisfied completely. They want more. If the one above is my dream, then this would be my ultimate dream. In space! Just thinking of it shoots me up to the moon. No gravity, unlimited moves and floating mess? The last one might not make you hot but, the first two would be enough reasons to and make a kama sutra album with the photo of the amazing space in the back drop! Studies show that only four sex positions were found possible without any mechanical assistance like those special elastic belts, inflatable tunnels and the like.

It might make your mind run off and day dream but, those are just the 5 best places on earth to do it. Another piece of information for you: Missionary position is impossible in space. Will you be excited to try out these places?

Not Done Yet

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I’m almost through with the pain, but not quite. My cheek has resized down to a smaller moon, but then again I still have some swelling going on. Im glad that the painkillers work now though. Three days ago I got a splitting headache, and when I went back to the dentist to have the sutures taken out, the pain seemed to have lessened by ninety percent. I was this close to planting a bomb inside the dentist’s clinic. Really. He was lucky to have solved the problem via an obvious remedy.

Two countries down. Dozens more to go.

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What is wrong with the world? I know that expressing my sentiments and pity won’t get far writing this blog.

Is this the start of the rapture? I don’t think so. Country by country, disaster is wiping out the population. Just this month alone, more than 100,000 people were killed by two disasters. Myanmar Cyclone and China Earthquake.

I’ve already requested prayers to an e-mail I wrote and sent to my friends regarding the Myanmar incident. You know what’s more scary? I just found out that, my girlfriends grandmother’s siblings, are in Myanmar at present. They were unreachable when disaster stroke. They were able to contact them a few days ago but informed us that it is still quite impossible to fly back here in our country.

Just yesterday, world shocking news was announced. A 3-minute magnitude 7.9 in the Richter scale earthquake rocked China which was felt in neighboring Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan. On the spot, thousands were killed and tons other were buried… Alive!

This morning, as I checked my subscribed news in my mobile phone, it said there that already 10,000 were dead, not including the unconfirmed ones.

Right now, we do not care whether this is because of global warming or this is God’s wrath but please, do everything you can to get ready. First, trust in God. Second, save mother earth in as many ways as possible. This is my request, prayers for everyone, please. Do you think you are ready?

To get updates on where earthquakes strikes, go to U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program.

Call 911

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So hello. I’m still in dental pain land. I didn’t know it was supposed to hurt this much and I had no idea it was supposed to stay this long, but yeah. So I did some lame research on what the strenuous activity meant when the doctors warned me not to do anything strenuous, and it turns out even carrying a laptop is part of it. In two days it’s going to be a week and tomorrow I’ll be visiting the dentist. I also get these nasty headaches. Wish me luck.

Don’t Be Fooled

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So here we are ladies and gentlemen with a quick post about gadgets. Since I am your friendly wanderer who does all sorts of things from film to music, I might as well share something. If you’re a Mac user, you don’t necessarily have to get the latest model of whatever it is they have. You have to find out what it is you need, and match the specs of your gadget in accordance to its capabilities. When say for example, you are into video editing, you have every reason to get the latest MacbookPro version. I’ve seen this happen several times over, when a person buys the latest item on the market just because it is new.

I myself have almost subscribed to this thinking until I read an article somewhere that as a musician who programs music on the laptop, I don’t really have to get a MacbookPro, but instead just upgrade my RAM – which I had my friend do, and yes it got faster, and no I did not have to shell out too much unlike a give or take a thousand dollars for an upgrade to a 15 inch MacbookPro. Same goes for the iPhone, it is not the universal solution to all the problems out there. It is a pretty useful gadget, but don’t expect it to function like a desktop.

Elephant Face

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So its been what, 2 days since I had the dental extraction of 2 of my impacted third molars, and I look like I’ve been beaten up by mad mastodons on the left cheek. The only part I like about this is the ice cream diet. The rest of it is crystallized bullshit. It may be hard and easier to clean but its still gross as hell. I am in so much pain right now. Its close to the time I lost my dog Charlie, except the pain is on my left cheek not my feet.